technical support.

In Cauchoval we offer an analysis in depth of each one of the needs of our clients, and this way to offer the products and solutions that better they adapt to each of them. With an advice personalized in each of the cases, we are employed at collaboration with all our suppliers in order that the products that we offer are those who better adapt to every application. And with the best relation quality - price of the market.


We have a workshop of mechanized and matricería own, which allows us to offer a few very competitive prices in the manufacture or repair of molds, rollers, metallic cores … Do not hesitate to ask us, our technical specialists are to his disposition to offer him the solution that more one adapts to his need.

technical files

Cauchoval has at the disposal of the clients who like that request it, the specification sheets of the materials used in the manufacturing process.


The clients, who like that need it, can request the external certifications necessary for his articles. Always under order we make with food certifications, biocompatibles, military, rohs, reach, C.E …