We make and mechanize pieces of rubber, silicone, viton and made-to- measure polyurethane, according to the needs of every client. twenty-five years of experience in the sector, support our professionalism, that joined the most advanced technology, it allows us to offer our clients, products transformed of quality, guarantee you and with very competitive prices.

Professionalism, compromise and flexibility

From 1987 this company makes two concepts his: Professionalism, because we arrange of more amount: a technical equipment and human being specialized in every department, which they offer a personalized treatment to our clients. Compromise, because we compromise ourselves that the finished product fulfills with the requirements and needs of our clients. The fact of being manufacturers gives us a great flexibility in the production of our articles that we achieve thanks to the capacity of work, the qualit raw material and to the effort that we dedicate to the industrial development, research and development and formation.

Speed and quality

Two close qualities and that support our professional path.